Information of legal relevance

This section reports on specific port regulations, lists of port services and commercial services relating to Las Palmas Ports as well as instructions and procedures.It also includes port planning and urban planning instruments such as master plans for infrastructures, management plans and delimitation of port spaces and uses.
In this regard, this body is governed by Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011 of 5 September approving the Law on the Consolidated Text of the State Ports and Merchant Marine.This law regulates, among others, the different instruments available to the Port Authority for exercising its functions.

List of particular port service specifications of Las Palmas Ports

According to the provisions of art. 108 2. of the Law on the Consolidated Text of the State Ports and Merchant Marine (hereinafter, TRLPMM), the following are considered to be port services:

a) Technical-nautical services:

  • Pilotage services.
  • Port towage service.
  • Mooring and unmooring service.

b) Passage service, which includes: boarding and disembarking of passengers, loading and unloading of baggage and vehicle passage service.

c) Reception service of waste generated by ships, which includes: reception of waste under annexes I, IV, V or VI of the MARPOL 73/78 Convention as established in article 132 of this Law.

d) Cargo handling service, which consists of loading, stowing, unloading, unstowing, maritime traffic and transhipment of cargo.

Since 24 March 2019 the fuel supply service is also considered to be a port service, in application of Regulation (EU) 2017/352 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 February 2017, which creates a framework for rendering port services and under which common standards on the financial transparency of ports are adopted.

In addition, art. 109 2. of the aforementioned law establishes that the rendering of port services shall require obtaining the corresponding licence granted by the Port Authority, which may only be granted after approval of the corresponding List of Particular Specifications for the corresponding service.
Click here to consult the list of services in force.

Regulation of activities (special conditions for commercial services)
Art. 138 of the TRLPMM defines commercial services as commercial provision activities that, not being included in port services, are associated with port activities.
According to the provisions of art. 139 2. of the aforementioned law, the rendering of commercial services and the undertaking of industrial and commercial activities or of services rendered by third parties shall require that authorization from the Port Authority be obtained.
Furthermore, rendering such services shall meet the particular conditions determined by each Port Authority, as the case may be, as well as all other regulatory provisions that may be applicable.
In this regard, here you may consult the particular conditions for each one of the services.

Instructions and Procedures.
In this section you may consult all instructions approved by the Director of the Port Authority that are in force and which affect port activities.

Port planning and urban planning of Las Palmas Ports