Through the Profile of Contracting Party you may access all information on the contracting of Las Palmas Port Authority, which is available on the Public Sector Contracting Platform.

However, in order to complete the information in this section, through the following links you may obtain the list of contracts awarded quarterly by Las Palmas Port Authority, with the information established in Act 19/2013 on Transparency and Act 9/2017 on Public Sector Contracts.

1st quarter 2018 (Spanish)
2nd quarter 2018 (Spanish)
3rd quarter 2018 (Spanish)
4th quarter 2018 (Spanish)

Financial information

As for financial information, you may access approved annual accounts, subsidies granted as well as remuneration paid to senior officials of Las Palmas Port Authority.

Annual Accounts (Spanish)
Subsidies (Spanish)
Remuneration of President (Spanish)
Remuneration of Director (Spanish)

Statistical Information

The statistical information is updated on a monthly basis. Access is also provided to published annual reports.

Statistics on Las Palmas Ports
Annual Reports


The information on agreements signed by Las Palmas Port Authority may be consulted on the Transparency Portal of the General State Administration.