Quality referentials

QUALITY REFERENTIALS of the port services (at the end of this section, you may consult the approved referentials)

The aim of the Service Referentials of the Port of Las Palmas is:

  • To specify the Quality characteristics and commitments, relating to the port services provided in the Port of Las Palmas, which will serve as a reference if Certification of Quality of Service is chosen.
  • To specify the control system established by the service provider and the person in charge of the coordination and control of that service (the Port Authority of Las Palmas.).

The Public Body State Ports and the Port Authority of Las Palmas, using the Certification of Quality of Service as a tool, a quality brand issued by an independent third party, which allows users of the service to identify and differentiate the Organisations which offer certified services, wish to boost the following aspects:

  • Improvement in the quality of service provided.
  • To ensure common quality standards in each port.
  • To control the requisites for service provision, so that indicators and standards can be established.
  • Greater satisfaction for clients/users of the service.

The providers of the port services of the port of Las Palmas take on these commitments and support themselves also with the certification with the aim of achieving the following guarantees:

  • To have their professionalism recognised through the certification of their service.
  • Improvement in the quality of the service, guaranteeing the "clients" or users of the services an improvement in the level of service, which will roll over into greater satisfaction for these people.
  • To give clients, and society in general, an image of quality, transparency, control and safety.
  • To establish a system of quality management, insofar as the Certification of Service contributes to defining the internal levels of quality, constituting a real tool for management.
  • To have tools available to be used as support or for complementary use in the development of other systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001,...) which could be implemented or already be implemented.

The characteristics relating to the port services provided by the Suppliers and which serve as a reference in the certification stage are:

  • Management of material and human resources.
  • Transparency in billing.
  • Measurement of the quality and ongoing improvement of the services.
  • Safety in the operations, control of environmental aspects and prevention of risks in the workplace.
  • Information service and customer care.
  • Control of processes and operations.

These characteristics have been set in such a way that they can be:

  • appreciable by the clients/users of the service
  • objective,
  • checked by third parties and
  • controllable by the service provider itself (auto-control) and by the person in charge of its coordination and control (the Port Authority.)

Quality referentials (Spanish)