OHSAS 18001:2007 prevention management system


DATE: 16/06/2014

Edition: 03

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The PORT AUTHORITY OF LAS PALMAS has the mission to manage the ports of general interest in the province of Las Palmas.

It considers Health and Safety in the workplace to be a fundamental component of the maritime and land operations relating to the port traffic and services, and undertakes this as a responsibility of all the persons working in the organisation.

The management of the PORT AUTHORITY OF LAS PALMAS, in order to raise the level of protection of Health and Safety of all its workers, commits itself to:

  • Integrate Risk Prevention in the Workplace within the activities and decisions as a whole of the company, both in the technical processes and in the organisation of work.
  • Implement ongoing improvement in management and performance in the Organisation as a standard of conduct for the prevention of injury and deterioration of health.
  • Establish a system of prevention which is suitable for the nature and magnitude of the health and safety risks that originate from its activity, in order to avoid risk for persons.

Management will provide the resources as required, both organisational and material, in order to reach the target of zero accidents, taking into account the technological means available, and always meeting the legal requirements applicable in matters of Health and Safety as well as other requirements which the company endorses voluntarily.

The Company commits itself to the diffusion of the Health and Safety Policy to all persons working for the organisation, including contractors and visitors, the purpose being to undertake an efficient Coordination of Business Activities, which will guarantee that all the companies with which it works lend their support and perform their work in such a way that they can reach the targets for improvement which will be established over time.