Saluda del presidente de la Autoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas


Long and well established, the Ports of Las Palmas, with a solid background and credentials endorsed by the excellent results in merchandise traffic, in cruise traffic and in the provision of services, are facing new challenges which range from the definition and boosting of a commercial strategy to fly the flag of the strengths of the three port areas and, in addition, join the digital revolution already present in many European ports and which we must be a part of.

Since I took responsibility for the Ports of Las Palmas in May 2018, we have been working along those two lines, drawing up a road map to enable us to progress towards the consolidation of our ports as the most important Logistic Hubs of the Mid Atlantic.

The first step to take is to strengthen commercial muscle by means of the definition of a rigorous commercial strategy that will be shared by operators, shipping agents, institutions and all the agents of the port community, and, to do this, we must work from a consensus and from the starting point of the gathering of proposals which will conclude at one single strategy, with a brand which represents the Ports of Las Palmas and identifies our strengths at fairs and with potential national and international clients for our port areas.

Positive data provide a guarantee of our levels of excellence. The Ports of La Luz, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura established their position as the leading ports in Spain for the cruise ship market and for provisioning during the recent 2017-18 season. This is shown in the data offered this June by Puertos del Estado (State Ports) which placed the three port areas of the province of Las Palmas at number 1 in the ranking for cruise ports in the country, and with the best data for this decade. To this we should add the positive data for merchandise traffic, well above the figures reached in 2017, meaning that it is now important to identify how to promote and export these strengths by means of a powerful commercial strategy.

Transition towards Ports 4.0 is another of the immediate objectives. The digital revolution draws closer and closer, moving towards us at lightning speed. The Port community must be prepared for that challenge since the Islands' economic and social sectors depend on this. Efficiency and competitiveness will be guaranteed with the application of advanced ICT technologies and the automation of software, and at the Port of Las Palmas we are hard at work at this. This webpage allows us to welcome you to the port community of Las Palmas, and to invite you to get to know one of the most powerful economic motors of the Canary Islands, which generates employment, creates cities, and draws up blueprints of our dreams, creating the future of our Islands.